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February 16, 2022

August 20, 2022



What is Stickies?

Stickies is a web application to take notes and manage them. You can make private notes and classify them into categories.

Has been a side project for some months where I leaned modern web development and was the key to convince me to focus my learning on Reactive technologies.

Tech Stack

Stickies it's based in modern web development technologies as:

  • React as the main framework for javascript development, it allows to create reusable components and manage the state of the application.

  • Redux as the state manager, it allows to manage the state of the application in a global way and to be able to access it from any component.

  • Typescript as the main language, it allows to have a typed code and to be able to detect errors in the code before executing it.

  • Styled Components as the main CSS framework, it allows to create components with their own styles and to be able to reuse them in the application.

  • React Icons as the main icon library, it allows to use icons in the application in a simple way.

    Stickies notes computer mockup image 2

My role in Stickies

I have been the only developer of the project, I have been in charge of the design and development of the application.

So far I have developed the following features:

  • Idea and concept of the application.

  • Design of the service architecture.

  • Prototyping of the application in design tools.

  • Development of the application in React.

  • Deployment of the application in Vercel.

What I learned

Stickies has been the mind changing project that has allowed me to aim to be a Frontend Developer. I have learned a lot about modern web development and I have been able to apply it in a real project.

I have learned to use React as a framework for web development, to manage the state of the application with Redux, to use Typescript as a programming language, to use Styled Components as a CSS framework and to use React Icons as an icon library.

What's next

During 2023, I developed a modern version of Stickies using Nextjs and Tailwind CSS.

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