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Pol-ui's Abstract πŸ”₯

March 12, 2024

Pol-UI thesis

In recent years, frontend development and UI design have become an increasingly vital component of web development, user interfaces have grown more complex and interactive. As a result, multiple frontend frameworks and libraries have emerged to help developers create responsive, dynamic web applications. Among these, React has become one of the most widely used and popular libraries, due to its flexibility, performance, and ease of use.


The goal of this thesis is to explore the process of creating a customized React library for frontend components, with the aim of helping my future me and other developers to create more efficient and effective web applications. Specifically, this thesis will focus on the following research question: β€œWhat is the best approach to creating a coding library for frontend components in React technology?” To answer this question, this thesis will first provide an overview of the fundamentals of web development, including an introduction to web development, as well as a brief review of web technologies. From there, the thesis will introduce React technology, including its key features and benefits, and provide an explanation of React component architecture.

The project

The thesis will then move on to the focus of the project: creating a customized React library for frontend components. This section will cover the planning and design phase of the library, including identifying the need for a new library in the current ecosystem and defining the scope and feature set. It will also cover best practices for code organization, documentation, and testing, as well as building the library using React and other relevant technologies. Finally, the thesis will conclude with an analysis of the performance and user experience of the library, as well as suggestions for future work and potential applications of the library.


Overall, this thesis aims to provide a valuable contribution to the coding community by demonstrating the process of creating a customized React library for frontend components.

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